Educating, Enriching & Empowering Students through the POWER OF THEATRE!

Academy of Theatre Arts and the ATA Theatre is the only FULL TIME YEAR ROUND theatre venue in Western New York created and designed solely for the development and training of children and young adults in the genres of acting, vocal performance and musical theatre dance.  Dedicated to enriching young lives dramatically, ATA provides an extensive year-long program for anyone between the ages of 3 and 18 who has an interest and passion for theatre arts.

Not only does Academy of Theatre Arts excel in theatrical training, but with a generation now losing those communication skills needed to succeed in life, ATA uses theatre as a platform to teach and promote excellence in public speaking, self-esteem, confidence and personal skills. At Academy of Theatre Arts we use current events and real problems our students face to inform our lesson plans. We teach students about the parallels that exist between theatre and reality and how our students can use these skills throughout their entire lives.

Each January and May, the students of ATA perform a major school showcase, which gives students the opportunity to shine on our ATA Theatre stage. Unlike other venues, ATA creates entertaining, professional shows consisting of smaller student casts and providing you and your child with more stage time. Our first showcase performed towards the end of January is a performance that allows students and audiences to see what is being taught and created at ATA. This showcase always deals with a relevant theme in which they are also learning about historical events and pop culture.

Our second and final showcase pulls out all the stops to provide students and audiences with a full-scale professional production and always focuses on scenes and musical numbers from Broadway shows both past and present. During our training for the material of the shows, our staff takes the time to discuss with our students the background of what is being performed on stage, ranging from technical knowledge to educational elements.