At ATA the health and safety of our students & staff is our NUMBER ONE priority. To ensure this, we will be implementing new policies in accordance with state and local guidelines.

Click the link below to view our COVID-19 Procedure Video!


The guidelines below are based on current information and are all subject to change. Updated Monday, May 24th

We want to assure all our families that the magic that takes place within ATA will still be there even with updated procedures and precautions. Our staff has undergone extra training to ensure the highest quality of service for our students. 

Updated Procedures & Policies


  • We are limiting the number of people allowed in the building at all times. All students will be dropped off at the front door and brought to their cubby by a staff member. If a parent/guardian needs to enter the building for any reason, they will be required to wear a face mask during the duration of their stay regardless of vaccination status.

  • Everyone entering the building (students, staff, etc.) will have their temperature taken at the door. 

  • Anyone with a 100 degree or higher temperature will be denied entry to ATA and can follow along via an online portal. They must remain home until fever free for 48 hours without the aid of medication or following a negative Covid-19 test.

  • Students will be limited to one cubby. Students should only bring coats, water bottle, lunch & change of shoes. ALL OTHER ITEMS SHOULD STAY HOME. Students must bring all items home to be sanitized each evening.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be in the front lobby for students to wash their hands before they enter the rest of the group.

  • We will be implementing a TEXT DISMISSAL POLICY. All families will be asked to text when they have arrived at ATA and the make/model of the vehicle. A staff member will walk the student out to the car for a no touch dismissal. All parents/guardians must be in a designated parking spot.

  • Parents/Guardians who wish to walk to the door for dismissal will wait to the LEFT of our front door. Students will be brought to the front door and dismissed directly from there.

  • No students will be dismissed to parents pulled up to the fire lane in front of our door.

  • Anyone who arrives at our building throughout the day for any reason will be asked to call our number so a staff member can meet them outside to limit people entering/exiting.

  • Drop off procedures begin 5-10 minutes prior to each class. Students will not be allowed in the building early or allowed to stay late.



  • All students will wear a mask when inside ATA with the exception of when dance instruction/theatre games take place outside (weather permitting) and during socially distanced lunch times. Students who are fully vaccinated will be permitted to take off their masks during the performance and outside ONLY.

  • All staff will wear face coverings provided by ATA. All ATA Staff is fully vaccinated at this time.

  • Frequent hand washing & hand sanitizing will be required of all students & staff.

  • A rigorous cleaning schedule will be implemented between each group entering/exiting a room. All staff will be trained on proper cleaning procedures. The entire space will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day.

  • All props, small chairs & stools have been removed from the space to limit the amount of items being touched by students.

  • All students must supply their own water bottle that is CLEARLY LABELED. Water fountains will only be used to refill water bottles.

  • Bathrooms will be limited to one student/staff member at a time. The middle stall & sink have been blocked off to ensure proper social distancing in the event of an emergency.

  • Touchless soap dispensers have been installed in both bathrooms.

  • All door handles, pianos and music equipment will be touched by staff only. All craft supplies will be thoroughly cleaned after each use. All scripts will only be touched by the student and left in their individual cubby when not in use.

  • There will be NO lost & found. Please clearly label all items. Items that are labeled will be placed in the students cubby. Staff members will assist in ensuring all students take all their belongings at the end of their session.

  • The studios, hallway, stage & theatre will all be clearly marked to show social distancing. Students will be instructed by staff members to follow these markings.


  • Casts & groups will be smaller this year to allow for proper social distancing.


  • Full cast rehearsals will only take place on the stage or in the dance studio where proper social distancing can take place.

  • All blocking & choreography will be adapted to allow for social distancing on and off the stage. This social distancing will be taught just like everything else in class. 

First aid:

  • In the event a student becomes injured during the day, a staff member will wear gloves to clean and bandage any cut or scrap.

  • If the student requires an ice pack. All ice packs will be one use only and disposed of immediately after.

  • An isolation room will be provided for anyone who exhibits any symptoms or a fever 100 degrees or higher. The student will remain in isolation until a parent/guardian can pick up the student.

Final show procedures:

  • All shows will be limited to 4 tickets per student. These are open to immediate family members ONLY and not open to the public. All ticketing will be done in house. Use of ShowClix is suspended at this time.

  • Families who live together, will be placed next to each other. All groupings will be placed 6 feet apart. Seating will be done by a staff member to ensure all proper social distancing. MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED OF ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS AT THIS TIME.

  • Tickets will be given an arrival time & entrance location. This information will be listed on your ticket.

  • All shows will be between 60-75 minutes and bathrooms are for emergencies ONLY. Bathrooms will be cleaned after each use by a staff member.

  • Loitering in the lobby and all concession sales will be put on hold at this time.

  • At the conclusion of each performance, families will be asked to remain in their seats. Students will exit from the backstage area one by one and families will exit with their students. These dismissal procedures will be guided by a staff member on stage and also listed on the projector screen.

  • For everyone’s safety, we cannot allow anyone to wait in the hallway or lobby after the performance. 

  • Costumes & sets will be simplified to eliminate contact among students. No make-up or hair items will be shared by or put on by anyone but the student.

  • Show times will be spaced out to allow enough time for our staff to completely sanitize the entire space in between each event. Families/students will not be admitted until all cleaning is completed.

*Our staff will follow very strict guidelines for health & wellness. All staff members will be trained and provided with adequate materials to assist in their preparation.